Multi bladder Air shaft, Gujarat, India

About Multi bladder Air shaft

Fortune roto control The Multi Bladder Air Shaft (Air expandable Shaft) is made of Aluminum Extrusion with steel journals shrink-fitted for High Torque capability.

It is assembled with a PU tube for longevity.

Multi bladder is very light and allows easy handling.

Easy and quick in-house maintenance.

One can mount core of any width as small as 4mm for slitter rewind.

Material :

Pipe: Normally Aluminum extrusion.

Lugs: Rubber high quality

Available Size :

  • Suitable for core ID. 3“, and 6“ (metric size and special sizes also produced).
  • Length as per your requirement.
  • This is a very commonly used Air shaft.
  • It mainly consists of slotted pipe, journals to suite users machine, lugs, rubber bladder and non-return valve.
  • These types of Air Shafts are suitable for both unwinding and winding stages.
  • It can accommodate single core, multi cores of the width more than 150 mm.
  • Type of pipe material, lug material are decided based on duty conditions like load, speed and core material.
  • The limitations are, it cannot take care of gauge variation or individual core speed variation since slippage is not achieved and core width less than 1 50 mm.