Lug Type Air Expandable Air Shaft, Air Expanding Shafts Manufacturer Gujarat, India

About Lug Type Air Expandable Shaft

The air shaft (Lug Shaft) of Fortune roto control has unprecedented features.

The main body manufactured by the aluminum alloy extrusion method is very light , and 3 or 6 independent air tubes generate strong torque, so it does not matter what material it is, such as metal or plastic core, as well as paper tubes. Key type air expansion shaft: suitable for items with heavy mechanical load capacity. The key type air expansion shaft expands from a single key strip, and the fulcrum spreads to each key strip to balance the force. After inflation, the unilateral expansion height can reach 5mm to 6mm. The main body of the Air shaft is made of high-quality steel pipe, the surface is chrome-plated, and the aluminum convex key is flexible and flexible; the fast filling and exhausting nozzle and the high-quality rubber liner are arranged, the sealing effect is good, the Air shaft head can be disassembled, and the maintenance is convenient and the service life is long.

The Lug type air expansion shaft is quite common in the rewinding and unwinding

The continuous clamp bar structure is also ideal as a winding Air shaft for slitters.

Also, in the unlikely event that the air tube is damaged, the tube can be easily replaced and can be replaced immediately at the site of use.