Ball Lock, Ball Friction Rings Manufacturer Gujarat, India

About Ball Lock

Fortune Roto Control is a leading manufacturer of Ball locks. The stainless steel ball lock with the base material alloy and bronze is our specialty. Ball locks are used in flexible and converting machines, plastic and paper as well.

Ball Lock Friction rings (clutch, clutches, expansion ring) Core Holding Device in various sizes are available.

As well as clutches for transition to a larger diameter bushing.

Friction clutches come complete with a full-size lining - a plastic ring. Plastic sleeve rings can be ordered separately.

All spare parts for friction and differential Air Shafts.

Model Ball Qty Size
FRC-BL-15045 12 6"x 45mm
FRC-BL-15024 6 6"x 24mm
FRC-BL-7549 6 3"x 49mm
FRC-BL-7549 12 3"x 49mm
FRC-BL-7524 6 3"x 24mm
FRC-BL-7524 12 3"x 24mm
FRC-BL-7516 6 3"x 16mm